Future plans …

On Tuesday, Kate, Rafiki, and I met with Carole Karemera and Nadia Nkawa from Ishyo Arts Centre, where we have been running the masterclasses for young breakdancers. We discussed how together we can make the work we have done continue and develop after we have gone home.

We decided that there will be once-a-week training sessions, in which 5 of the breakers from Ishyo Arts Centre and around 15 of the boys from Les Enfants de Dieu street children’s centre will come together (alternating at Les Enfants and Ishyo) to train together and teach one another. There will be incentives for the boys to improve their breaking in the form of a monthly breaking competition at the centre, and the chance for a crew from Les Enfants to perform at a festival at Ishyo Arts Centre in December.

It is wonderful to work with people who are all “on the same page” and so much in agreement as to how we can move this project forward. Our plan is to come again next year to work with the boys and the dancers. We hope to see great progress!

On Wednesday then, having dropped Pervez, Bret and Kate at Ishyo for the final masterclass, I went to Kwetu Film Institute, who have been collaborating with us to film the project, and gave a presentation to the twelve current students there (doing a 3 month course) about the work of Arts Catalyst, in particular our film work. Among the videos I showed were clips from Simon Faithfull’s  Escape Vehicle No. 6 (2004) and Rachel Mayeri’s ‘Primate Cinema: Apes as Family’ (2011). The students had many questions, and we then talked about the potential for future collaborations between Arts Catalyst, Catalyst Rwanda and Kwetu Film Institute.



About Nicola Triscott

Nicola Triscott is a cultural producer, curator, writer and researcher. She is the founder and Artistic Director/CEO of Arts Catalyst. Specialisation: interrelationships between art, science, technology and society.
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