Pervez (Live 2 Break Crew)

Pervez (Live 2 Break Crew) started dancing in London in 1982. 30 years on he is widely considered a pioneer and respected for his contribution to B Boying.

It’s 2011 and he is one of the last remaining old school UK B Boys actively dancing at this level. Films like Flash Dance, and crews like Rock Steady Crew got him started and he never stopped. He has maintained his love of the art of B Boying.  Pervez teaches, judges and jams in the UK and internationally, including for Breakin’ Convention, Hip Hop Huis, Circle Kings, London’s Southbank Centre and Hip Hop Sessions.

Check out this film made by Downroc (7$ Crew)

Pervez: Live 2 Break from Bret Syfert on Vimeo.

This November, literally in one week, Pervez will be coming out to Kigali to work with dancers at Isyho Arts Centre and children at Les Enfants de Dieu. His approach to breaking will go down well.  He teaches breaking foundation, character and style; and how to use it all in the circle. It’s the ultimate combination if you have your foundation movement and are able to express your individual character stylishly. It’s going to be great.

Other news is that film maker Downroc (aka Bret!) will be coming out to work with students at the Kwetu Film Institute to make a film of our trip.

Really looking forward to getting started!

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